Making the younger generation aware of social entrepreneurship

Making the younger generation aware of social entrepreneurship

REC Innovation - Programme Programme


Encourage sixth-form students to become tomorrow’s

REC Innovation and its network are convinced that young people can bring new ideas that respond to social and environmental issues that confronted by.

REC Awareness is a made-to-measure educational programme for sixth form students studying technological and professional options who feel that their academic guidance is lacking in professional perspective. They aren’t well informed about the opportunities that the ESS represent.

Our method is to take the experiences and the skills that the students have already developed and make them aware of social entrepreneurship and to media and help them to elaborate a positive project which will change their views about the environment. These are entrepreneurs that we are supporting. Our network of experts shares with the students their personal pathways and offers a tangible vision of social economy, the media, their professions and their concerns.

In 6 workshops, exercised in small groups and linked to the students’ syllabus, REC Awareness enables students to “analyse and react” better with in the world around them, thanks to exchanges with our committed participants, chosen from various sectors including digital media, social entrepreneurship and associations.

Key Stages

Analyse my environment.

Debate Workshop “Media and constructing the real” lead by our media experts with in the REC network

Debate Workshop “Positive entrepreneurship and the ESS” lead by our experts at ESS as well as by the entrepreneurs who are being supported by our programmes
2 x 2/3-hour sessions

Acting for my environment

Project building workshops (ESS or Media, depending on the student’s choice) with students coached by programme participants
3 x 2/3-hour sessions

Expressing myself with in my environment

Report-out of the students’ projects
1 x 2-hour session
Channelling the students’ skill and know-how to make new positive projects and to alter our views about the environment
Draw students into the professional world through encounters with entrepreneurs, journalists, the media and the work of the ESS awareness programme
Use the students’ experience and together build a discussion group which will question our views on the environment and their gateways to action

For who?
Young people between 15 and 20
Taking professional or technological options
Sixth form departments in priority areas
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Key figures

Our impact on students

In 2017-2018, REC Innovation launched a new integration and awareness course for sixth form students. Here are their thoughts about it:

REC Innovation - Réseau d'entrepreneurs
REC Innovation - Réseau d'entrepreneurs

Meeting entrepreneurs in their workplace allowed me to understand the business world a lot better. There’s sharing, cooperation... You feel that there are shared values. The entrepreneurs are people who like what they do

Léna - Student

I really enjoyed working on the project about our neighbourhood. It’s great to confront people’s prejudices with how we really live, to work on the image we send out and how we can change our posture and our way of speaking

Max - Student
REC Innovation - Réseau d'entrepreneurs
REC Innovation - Réseau d'entrepreneurs
REC Innovation - Réseau d'entrepreneurs
REC Innovation - Réseau d'entrepreneurs

The awareness course allows the students to get out of the college and meet people from the professional world. Sometimes they’re discouraged by their lack of opportunities so this lets them discover new projects, new professions, and new ways of working

Hélène - Teacher

The workshops offered by REC have allowed our students to new things, outside of their normal framework. They have realised that achieve their goals if they stay motivated.

Denis - Teacher
REC Innovation - Réseau d'entrepreneurs
REC Innovation - Réseau d'entrepreneurs

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